Monday, December 13, 2010

I need a vacation from my weekend

Oh la la. Things have been busy around here - all good, but busy.

Andy had to work afternoon shift all last week, to cover for a co-worker who took a vacation week. This kind of turned our world upside down. He and I didn't see each other except with our eyes closed at 3 in the morning for a couple of hours before I woke up. We kept in touch by phone and email but it's just not the same as being awake in the same room.

Fiona had tech week, preview and opening night for Annie at Gateway Theatre in Richmond. She spent a lot of time at the theatre, and also went to school and even taught her class on Saturday morning before going to the theatre to do two shows. Thank goodness for her energy, discipline and organization. When she can get through a week like this and hold it together, I feel so good. I admire her and I'm thankful for all that she can do. Thank goodness also for our car pool with another family in our area. It's good to share all of the driving, and the experience of having the girls in the show. Andy and I went to opening night on Friday. It's a very sweet and funny production. It runs through New Year's Eve. Tickets are here.

Also this weekend, Alex did some volunteer production assistant work on the Vancouver auditions of So You Think You Can Dance Canada. He worked 2 long days at this in Vancouver, starting so early Saturday that public transit wasn't ready to take him there. Saturday morning I drove him downtown for 6:30am. It's very quiet downtown at 6:30am. He said it was a good experience, he worked hard and saw a bit of the dancing. He says "YES!" he would do it again. I hope so!

Our neighbours Doris and Dave hosted a potluck and games night Saturday. It's great to go to a party just up the street - no driving! We had a yummy time, and met some new friends from our neighbourhood and from the neighbourhood where Doris and Dave lived before they moved here. Both Andy and I were so tired we left before the card-playing began. It's a very short walk home to crash and start catching up on our rest!

In between all of this, I ran a few errands, did some housework, cooked some yummy meals, and went to church Sunday. Even on the busiest of weekends, church gives me energy. I missed last Sunday to drive the girls to Richmond for rehearsal, and the one before that for my birthday sleep-in. When I go back it's like recharging my spirit. Somehow, taking the time for worship and community gives me more time that day and for the rest of the week.

Did I mention I was on-call for emergency social services this weekend? Thank you to Robin, who took the blackberry Friday afternoon and stayed up until 1am to give it back from me when I returned with Fiona from the opening night party. It was good to see the show and know I wouldn't be called away to help with an emergency.

On Sunday evening I got Fiona's knitting book out, along with some needles borrowed from my mom. Guess what? I still know how to knit. Now I have something to do in my spare time. HA!

question: how do you recharge after you have been running at maximum capacity?

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