Monday, December 06, 2010

it's official - this is the longest birthday in the world

A week after my birthday, and my birthday is still going on. It began on November 12, with a beautiful supper prepared by my friends Kathy and Michele, and just keeps going!

On the 20th, Andy and I went out for our "in between our birthdays" supper. We chose Primo's Mexican Restaurant. It was great! They're celebrating 50 years of operating in Vancouver, which is kind of nice for our birthdays because 50 is in between Andy's age and my age. We will definitely go back soon.

I had my family celebration last Sunday. Niece Maya and I cooked up a beautiful Indian feast at my parents' place, and Maya made a yummy chocolate ganache cake with lots of whipped cream and strawberries.

The kids pooled their money and bought me Stephen Sondheim's Finishing the Hat. This promises to be a juicy holiday read.

At work on my birthday, everyone sang to me and gave me a tiara and a pirate sword to wear all day, and a card to "Mama Bear" with bear-themed greetings. So I am either a bear, a princess, or a pirate, or perhaps all three.

On Friday, Louise and I had our annual lunch out at Anton's Pasta. Our birthdays are just 5 days apart, and we have celebrated at this same restaurant every year for as long as I can remember. Louise gave me a birthday card that farts when you open it. COOL!

The final installment will take place on Jan 7, because that's when all of the Ladeez in the 'Hood can make it. Cathy will craft me my very own signature cocktail, and we'll have an evening at her place. I think I'm supposed to bring the tiara and the sword and the traveling pajamas, but probably not the farting birthday card.

The traveling pajamas will make an appearance some time this December, with a Port Moody photo session with some of the Ladeez and me. This is not a birthday celebration, although we could call it the pajamas' birthday and buy them a drink.

All through the past couple of weeks I have received so many birthday cards that we ran out of space to display them. On the day, facebook had to open a new url, just to handle the traffic for my birthday greeting posts.

I feel blessed to have so many friends who give me their love and attention. I love celebrating any time. I have been made to feel funny and special and loved.

question: do you like good things that go on for a good long time?

mompoet - thank you everyone!

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