Monday, November 08, 2010

walking to work part 3 - excuses

There are days when I wake up and think that it would be easier to drive to work, or take the bus, than it would be to walk. There are days when I walk to work, then by quitting time, I think, "It really would be easier to accept a ride home, or at least take the bus." Here is a list of lame excuses for not walking:

  • (at going home time) I'm in a hurry to get home and do something super important, and I dallied at work and worked a half hour longer than I should have worked, and now I will be late for the super important thing that I have to do at home and there's not enough time to walk. (Phew, by the time I said that, I could have walked halfway home already!)
  • I don't feel like changing back into my walking clothes.
  • (in the morning) I'm late leaving so I'll be late to the office if I walk.
  • I don't feel like packing my work clothes in my backpack.
  • (at going home time) My sweet husband is right across the street at the mall running an errand on his way home from work, and he has just called me to offer me a ride home. (This excuse is technically not lame. Just for the record.)
  • I had to drive to work this morning, so the car is here. If I walk home, how will the car get home?
  • I have to pick up some groceries on the way home.
  • It's a full moon/new moon/eclipse of the moon/transit of Venus/aurora borealis etc
  • It's raining.
  • I forgot to download some new podcasts for the walk.
  • We are out of peanut butter and the cat can't find her house key.
  • I forgot to learn how to play the piano.
  • There is no such thing as bingo pie.
As you can see, I run out of good excuses pretty quickly. Luckily I rarely, if ever, succumb to them. That's because I love the walk and what it does for me. More about that tomorrow.

question: did you talk yourself out of something today?

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