Wednesday, September 08, 2010

too much and not enough

It's an odd time of year, early September. For me, it feels more like New Year than January does. Students go back to school, the program cycle begins at the Rec Centre, the season changes dramatically, with night descending so much more quickly and the air cooling. The change of pace seems most pronounced this time of year also. Suddenly we are activated and purposeful, just days after the last, lazy moments of summer.

At the moment, our home is also filled with people changing pace. Andy is working afternoon shift for a couple of weeks, which we dislike intensely. He's on from 4-midnight or 6pm to 2am, depending on which day of the week. I don't see him except in the middle of the night when he comes home, and I'm sleeping. We talk and text, but it's awfully distant, and makes me appreciate just being awake in the same space together. We tried to catch up by spending time together on the weekend, and it's over on Friday morning. But I'm going away this weekend, so I'll miss him for a few more days before we resume our regular routine.

Alex is not returning to school this fall. Instead, he'll pursue volunteer work on some film projects in town, to gain experience and connections. It feels strange having him home instead of at school. He's been at school every fall since Kindergarten. I think it must feel stranger for him!

Fiona rehearsed full time all through August, for a show she's in this September. It feels like she's been in school most of the summer, with the hours she's been keeping. She pointed out to me that going back to school this week, she actually gets to sleep later than when she was doing Monday to Friday rehearsals. The show opens Thursday. I'm feeling moderately guilty that I will be out of town for opening night, and will have to wait until next Wednesday (and next Saturday) to catch the 3rd and 4th of her 4 performances.

I had a lovely holiday mid-August. Then last week at work we had annual maintenance shutdown. I worked all through the week, but our programs were on a break while we cleaned, tidied and made room for painters, carpenters and other workers to get in and make things right. The strangeness continues this week for me. Work is back to normal, but both Fiona and Andy are out in the evenings. Fi is in tech week for the show. Andy is working. Alex and I are knocking around the house.

Monday night, I bottled 10 gallons of wine. That's a 4 and a half hour task, that yields about 4 dozen gleaming bottles of various sizes. I now have enough red wine to last, well, a little while. Speaking of red wine, this weekend is the annual Ladeez Sunshine Coast getaway. We'll catch the ferry Thursday evening and return Sunday at suppertime. As usual, we've rented a house with our own beach in our own cove, where we plan to kayak, lounge, laugh, cook, eat, hot tub, and just generally relax and enjoy each others' company in a beautiful place. Thinking about it feels surreal, even though it's our regular September thing to do. I'm happy, and excited, and will truly believe it when I'm on the ferry Thursday evening. Still, I'm regretting missing the show, and being away from Andy and the kids. It's a strange feeling.

I've started my fall-winter practice of preparing the crock pot and casserole before bed for the next day. Warm, inviting, easy suppers are the result - available at various times for people of various schedules. No matter what's going on, I can always feed everyone!

I guess it's a pretty good problem to have. My unsettled feeling of September stems from love for my family and contentment with my life. I know that everyone is fine, if a bit topsy turvy right now. My beloveds will all be here Sunday when I return from a lovely and nourishing weekend away. Life will go on. Autumn promises new adventures and accomplishments. We are well and have more than we need to make our way through days of peace and abundance.

So, two more days of work this week for me. I'll have to pack tonight and make sure to give (and get) hugs when I can catch people. I'm happy and excited for an awesome treat this weekend, and looking forward to what happens next.

question: what's changing where you are?

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