Friday, September 24, 2010

still here!

Oops, September is almost over. Next Friday, it will be October.

I'm back at my blog now after a month of just living as fast as possible. September has been great! Fiona was in the play, 13 the Musical at the Vancouver Fringe Festival, and they won Pick of the Fringe. That means they have shows this weekend at the Waterfront Theatre. We'll be there!

At work, we celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the recreation centre where I work. That means we had a big party, with hundreds of people. We opened our new children's playground and a stunning 16 foot tall dragon eco-sculpture (a big dragon made out of plants). I took the lead on the event when a co-worker changed jobs, but really everyone in the place worked like crazy to make it all happen. That was last Saturday, and I'm still going to bed early to catch up after all of the energy that went into our one big day.

Weekend before last was Ladeez on the Sunshine Coast. Kirsi, Karen, Cathy, Myrna, Leanne and I spend 3 days in a beautiful house by the sea in Davis Bay near Sechelt. It was splendid, with a little too much wine, and a little not enough sleep, and just the right amount of laughter (lots!)

I think we're in our fall groove now. I promise to post more frequently now, and I have a few photos to show. Today I'm going to work a half-day, then go with Fiona, who has a day off school, for lunch and shopping before we meet Andy at Granville Island for tonight's performance.

question: how has September been for you?

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