Monday, September 27, 2010

good things about early fall

As much as I regret the end of summer, there are some absolutely splendid things about this time of year:
  • the nip and the tang and the slant - the exciting bit of cool I feel in the morning and evening, the smell of things beginning to fall off of trees and bushes and rot (just a little) and the difference in the daylight (warmer, richer and bit nostalgic)
  • things to do - shows, classes, projects, all beginning anew
  • coziness - someone has found the afghan and put it back on the couch so when I read a book or watch a show I can cuddle up, and I bought new slippers for around the house
  • harvest cooking - every local food you can think of is ripe, gorgeous and inexpensive, and it's more fun to cook when it's cooler out, and people are coming home for supper
  • the sound of rain on the roof at night, or cars swishing past on the road outside
  • dahlias standing up to even the most torrential rain, then glistening defiantly in the light spilling from the building when the rain stops
  • going back to church after playing hookey for a good part of the summer
  • local, new crop apples (specifically local, new crop ambrosia apples)
  • dark outside when I rise, and when I go to bed
  • the children in the neighbourhood suddenly looking bigger, older, more formed
  • our own children turning the page to their next chapters - September is more like new year than January is for them
  • lowering the patio furniture off the deck with a rope (haven't done that yet, but it's always fun!)
  • movies - I don't go to the movies much in the summer, but in the fall I return to this delicious escape
  • knowing we are headed to the longest night of the year - my favourite!
question - what do you like about this time of year?

mompoet - enjoying change

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Pearl said...

beautiful list.

rain thru the canopy. each bit of warmth precious. returning to some favorite sweaters. the special fall spin of stew.