Thursday, June 17, 2010

naked wrap challenge

First thing Wednesday morning at work, my friend Linda beckons me to the staff room. "I have to show you something!" she says, gesturing towards the fridge. I wonder, "does she have a picture of her grandchildren in the refrigerator?" "Did she grow a giant rutabaga in her garden over winter?"

Linda opens the fridge, takes out her lunch and shows me a re-usable plastic container. She opens it up and shows me her wrap. I'm sure my yelps of delighted laughter can be heard all over the building, even with the staff room door closed.

Linda and I have been discussing how difficult it is to pack a sandwich wrap to work for lunch, without using clingy plastic wrap to keep it from un-wrapping. I have enjoyed some success with using a snug plastic box, and also with bringing the components separately, and building the wrap at lunchtime. On Wednesday, Linda tried toothpicks.

I think this is wonderful. Linda told me how, at first, the box lid wouldn't snap on because the toothpicks were too tall. She wondered, "Should she cut them shorter?" but settled on angling them to lower the profile. She also determined that she needed more than one toothpick (three actually) despite also employing cream cheese to glue the wrap shut. Linda likes cream cheese, so she did not offer to let me remove it before she ate her lunch. hmmmph.

So now the game is on. How many wraps can we eat in the next couple of weeks? How can we hold them together? Linda has Grandma's antique hat pins, but wonders if they are food safe. I was standing at the photocopy machine later in the day, glanced at my new name tag and shouted, "MAGNETS!" We are going to have some fun, and I will document it here.

A wrap is a great way to combine all sorts of ingredients in a neat package for lunchtime eating. Using a re-usable box instead of plastic wrap is good for the environment. How we make it work is a challenge that we relish, or cream cheese, or salsa. Watch for more developments.

question: do you pack a wrap? How do you fasten it?

mompoet - please remove inedible fastening devices before consuming your lunch

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