Sunday, June 20, 2010

dad weekend

My Dad's birthday is June 19. Father's Day is June 20 this year. I believe that the two events should be celebrated separately. I am glad that my Dad concurs.

On Saturday, Mom made an awesome feast of red snapper and risotto. I brought a salad, made with some of the local strawberries that Andy and I bought at a farm in Port Coquitlam earlier in the day. We sat out on the deck at Mom and Dad's place for supper - finally warm enough for an outdoor meal! Mom made a delicious angel food cake with chocolate glaze. You'll note from the photo that Dad has binary birthday candles (64 YES, 32 NO, 16 NO, 8 YES, 4 NO, 2 YES, 1 YES = 75).

On Sunday, Dad and I took our traditional "sushi walk." I bought sushi and packed it on a walk out around Burnaby Lake. We enjoyed a picnic out at the end of Piper Spit. Dad brought a little stove, and made miso soup and green tea. We saw a family of ducks, having a rest on the beaver dam that sits at the end of the spit. It was a good day.

It was very nice to spend time with my Dad this weekend. We caught up on family news and history and agreed about how wonderful it is to have a beautiful place like Burnaby Lake, within walking distance of Mom and Dad's house. I didn't even get a single mosquito bite, so it was pretty much a perfect day and a grand weekend.

question: how did you celebrate Father's Day?

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Lynn Valley Girl said...

You are truly blessed.
I made waffles for breakfast along with champagne and orange juice that I garnished with fresh local strawberries.
My in-laws came over later and we enjoyed salmon, new potatoes, asparagus and homemade bread!
Laura came home from work with a wonderfully rich and delicious chocolate cake - it was a day for feasting!
I am truly blessed too!