Thursday, January 01, 2009

something about 3 weeks at home

I have been on vacation for a couple of weeks, with a few more days stretching out ahead of me before I must return to work. I have been fortunate to be able to take this extended stretch of days for the past few years at Christmas time. It feels very good.

Our family Christmas plans are always simple. We don't go overboard decorating or buying gifts, and the Christmas meal is small but delicious, with just a few family members. Our visiting and entertaining is informal and small group also, and we leave lots of time to "make it up as we go along."

Looking back, I can say that the most unexpected aspect to this vacation has been the weather. It began snowing before I started my vacation, and has snowed periodically, with enough accumulation, that it has had an effect on our lives every day. I have spent more time shoveling in these past couple of weeks than I usually do in an entire winter. The snow has also made us pick and choose where we want to go, and what we really need to do, and has resulted in even more time at home. I love this. The family relaxes. We watch a dvd or read, or take turns with the internet. I cook some delicious breakfasts and suppers. We catch up on our sleep at night and in daytime naps. It is good.

I have done a bit of organizing around the house - just a couple of cupboards and shelves that have been bugging me because I know there are things in there I cannot see, and things that we do not need and can get rid of. Unfortunately, this tidy-out phase has coincided with a lack of recycling and garbage service to our complex, due to the snow on the hill. So I have some accumulation of stuff to go out to the trash along with things to be picked up by charities. Luckily our carport shed is not heated along with the house, so the trash can wait there, double-bagged, until the garbage truck comes.

I have been out to see a couple of good movies - Benjamin Button and Marley and Me. I have also gone to see a fabulous production of Guys and Dolls at the Gateway Theatre in Richmond. We have postponed our trip to the Panto at the Metro Theatre, but we'll try again tomorrow night. I have read 2.95 novels, and will certainly finish the third tonight and very possibly read one more before I go back to work.

We have got together with friends, neighbours and family for suppers on several evenings, enjoying the company of people we love very much. We made it to church on Christmas eve (despite the snow) and I've made it all but one Sunday morning. This is my favourite time of the church year, a soul-nourishing time to spend time together with my faith community.

I have a couple of projects to work on in the final days of vacation: a costume to be sewn for Fiona, and some organizing to be done for the volunteer celebration that I'm planning for the people who helped with our shelter program at the church in November.

As the end of vacation nears, I feel rested and energized. My balance is restored and I know that I will return to the regular routine with enthusiam.

question: did you have a restful holiday time?

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