Friday, January 30, 2009

silly silly silly

Yesterday was Silly Lunch Day. Maybe you remember, my friends and I had one of these last year? Well, we did it again. It was really silly of us to wait for so long.

About a dozen of us got together. We wore silly clothes, told silly jokes, assumed silly names, and behaved in as silly a manner as we could think of at lunch time in a Burnaby restaurant.

Our silly names were very silly, like Monkeeta Fungus-Fizz and Bathilda Vein-Sauerkraut. There was a silly raffle, with tickets one for $1, 3 for 25 cents and 42 for 11 cents. The grand prize was a library book, The Idiot's Guide to Pro Wrestling. We gave the money from the raffle to our waitress for putting up with our noisy silliness. There was also a "Silly Lunch Expose" contest, where we guessed who did what silly thing in her past. Who would know that Dispsy Dorky Chucklefanny was a once candidate for Cherry Fiesta Queen? or that Boleo Blowbottom, at the age of 21, traveled through the US, following the Professional Bull Riding Association, landing up at the Pro Bull Riding Championship in Las Vegas?

There were rules of course. We all wore silly nametags with our silly names. Any person silly enough to call another by her real (not silly) name had to get up and go all the way around the table impersonating a animal called out by the others. I got to be a cat. We also had a chicken, two trapeze artists and a giant squid.

It was just the right thing for a dreary time of year. We laughed and laughed, and remembered that most of what's happening is pretty silly, so we might as well be that way too.

question: how silly are you?

mompoet (aka Nostrilia Scallybottom) - silly is good

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Lynn Valley Girl said...

You DO know how to have a good time!