Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gran Torino

Andy and I saw Gran Torino last night. Clint Eastwood directed and stars in this movie about a widowed Korean War veteran, living in Detroit. Eastwood's protagonist is not a sensitive new age guy. He's a grumpy old-timer who smokes and drinks too much, is on prickly terms with his grown sons and their families, estranged from his church community, and resentful of the immigrant population that prevails in his once white, middle class neighbourhood.

The story unfolds as gang violence threatens the safety of the neighbourhood, and Eastwood's character develops a grudging mentor relationship with the boy who tries to steal his car. The movie explores themes of faith, family relationship, urban violence and war.

Clint Eastwood is as remarkably wonderful as ever - still a powerful and compelling screen presence, now in his 70s. He also knows how to direct a movie. This movie is good storytelling that addresses big moral questions without seeming didactic or ponderous. Events unfold convincingly and the action kept the whole theatre responding together as the story unfolded. There was a fair amount of violence, but none gratuitous. I recommend it.

question: do you like Clint Eastwood?

mompoet - ps. he is still handsome as ever, and he sings during the credits


Margie said...

I love Clint Eastwood & plan on seeing "Gran Torino" this weekend.
Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

We saw it on Thursday evening and I've thought of the movie often over the last few days. A very good movie.