Wednesday, February 11, 2015

thank the sky

Today I attended my first ever live music yoga class. It was at Moksha Yoga in Burnaby. I wasn't sure what to expect, except that I had heard that these classes are very popular, and that the music is good.

It was mid-morning on a Wednesday, and the practice room was more than half full. The teacher explained that she would practice with us, with minimal cueing to guide us. Then the musician, Laura, began playing her guitar and singing songs to us, for the whole hour of the class. We moved through the poses, stretching, holding and breathing together, in what the teacher, Simone, described as "a kind of dance through our yoga practice." It was lovely.

Almost always, when music starts up out of silence, my emotions well up and I want to cry, then to laugh, and to move and be alive and overflowing with all of my feelings. The class felt that way to me. It was really a beautiful experience.

Laura sang her own songs mostly, I remember these lines from one of them:

Thank the sky every day
in our own way.

I thank the sun, the moon and the stars for this experience.

question: have you encountered music in a place where it is not usually found?

mompoet - thanking the sky

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