Thursday, May 16, 2013

Las Vegas - NATURE

We rented a car this morning and drove 45 minutes out of the city to Red Rock Canyon. It's a conservation area in the Mojave Desert that is breathtakingly beautiful. We spent an hour at the excellent visitors' centre, then proceeded around the 13 mile scenic drive. We saw the desert environment and gorgeous sandstone peaks all around. I think Andy took a million photographs. Along the scenic drive there are a dozen places to stop and walk around and look at things and take pictures. It was ver hot and dry, and not overrun with visitors. We saw some climbers high up on the sandstone cliffs, and caught a glimpse of a roadrunner darting across the road. It was truly spectacular.

You know at Disneyland, when you go on the desert rides like the old mining town roller coaster, and there are red stone caves and cacti and Joshua trees? It looks like that, only it's real, and it goes on for miles. Today was such a contrast from the rest of our visit, it was very refreshing.

My mind and heart are in two places, this final full day of our vacation. Fiona is in the air as I post this, flying home from university for the summer. Tomorrow, Andy and I will fly home and we will be re-united as a family. I am grateful to have spent today in a place of stark beauty.

question: where have you had your breath taken away?

mompoet - loving Red Rock

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