Thursday, May 16, 2013

Las Vegas - FOR SALE

If you want something, you can buy it here and enjoy it right now - no waiting. Here are a few examples.

  • Do you want to fire a real machine gun? Yup! You can! A guy on the strip was handing out coupons to a place where you can go and pay to fire a machine gun. We did not.
  • Do you like cigars? On Fremont, there's a "cigar buffet" where you can buy "all you can smoke - $29.99"
  • Do you like buffets? The food kind I mean? You can pay to have a 24 hour pass to 6 buffets. You could eat breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks, all at different buffets. (I should say, so far we have declined all of the aforementioned opportunities.)
  • Do you want to drive a race car? Operate an earth-moving machine? Jump off a 50 storey building? Zip-line over a busy street? You can if you want to!
  • Do you want to eat at the Heart Attack Grill? If you weigh 350 pounds or more, you are in luck. Dinner is free, and there''s an industrial scale at the door to prove you are eligible. If not, you have to pay. The servers are dressed as nurses, and dinner guests wear hospital gowns. You can eat an 8 layer octuple bypass burger with flatline fries and the world's highest butterfat milkshake. Something tells me they do not have salad or veggie burger on the menu.
  • Girls! Girls! To your room in 20 minutes! When you walk down the strip, day or night, you are accosted by people flicking cards at you, with phone numbers to call to order sex trade workers to come to your room. The sex sellers are ordinary looking, probably low-paid men and women. They flick and clack their cards at you as you walk by. 
  • And of course, booze and gambling. Yup, lots and lots of those. You can walk down the street at 9 in the morning drinking a beer or a margarita. There are slot machines everywhere, maybe even in daycare centres and the public library. Well, maybe not, but I'm just saying...
I haven't bought a lot here. But it has been fun to witness what's for sale.

question: what is the weirdest thing someone has offered to sell you?

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