Saturday, January 19, 2013


Before Fiona headed back to NJ for her spring semester of university, she requested a snowshoe trip with Grandpa and me. We headed up to Cypress Bowl, where hundreds of people were doing the same thing on a sunny winter Sunday.

We found the the snow was too compacted and slippery for our old-school snowshoes that do not have crampons attached, so we buckled them onto the backs of our packs and hiked up to the ridge, where we had lunch together before descending. I wish we could have gone higher, but we didn't have the traction gear that would make hiking farther a safe choice.

It was a great day nonetheless, and Fiona got her dose of west coast mountains and Grandpa time. I felt blessed to renew my acquaintance with snowshoeing, and share an afternoon of wonder with my father and my daughter.

 Here's Dad and Fiona, partway up the big hill at the beginning of the trail.

 My Dad provided the equipment. I was surprised to see he still has my old sitting mat, which I marked in permanent ink many years ago, as well as some snowshoes to which I laid similar claim.
 It was really gorgeous out there. I didn't get a photo of the view down to the city and the ocean, because my camera batteries quit.
What a day!

So today I bought myself a pair of new-fangled lightweight snowshoes with crampons. I can't wait to go back up, way up! I will also bring spare batteries for the camera.

question: how do you have fun in winter?

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