Monday, February 13, 2012

New York and New Jersey

Andy, Alex and I are spending a week in New York City. We came out to see Fiona perform in a musical at the university. The show is called Closer than Ever. It is beautiful, and Fiona is excellent, and I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom. Fiona took us on a tour of the campus, and we had supper at one of the dining halls. She also visited us in the city. We went to the American Museum of Natural History together, then out to our favourite Yum Yum Too restaurant for lunch. On Sunday, we met up with my Aunt Barbara, and together went back up to the university to see the show one more time.

On Thursday, we had a visit with our friend Al Riggi. We first met Al through Big Apple Greeters, and we have stayed in touch. Together with Al, we walked for miles and miles around the city. We saw Central Park, 5th Avenue, Grand Central Station, Bryant Park, the New York City Library, Little Italy, Chinatown, the Brooklyn Bridge and St. Paul's Cathedral near the 911 Memorial site. Al is our first and best New York friend. We are blessed to know him.

We have been getting to know the subway system and walking around the streets of the city. Our hotel is in the Upper West Side. It's kind of like Kitsilano but with much older buildings. We're very close to Central Park, which is gorgeous.

We hope to get out to see a couple of Broadway shows before we return home. There's so much to do here, you could visit 100 times and still not see everything.

We are grateful for the opportunity to see Fiona at her university, among her good friends. She is truly happy here, and will learn and grow during her 4 years of studies.

question: do you <3 NYC?

mompoet - we do!

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