Saturday, December 03, 2011

post-birthday balloon carnage

My co-worker Brenda and I popped the balloons in my office with scissors on Thursday afternoon. It was fun having an office filled with balloons but enough was enough. By the time we set out on our popping rampage, I had given away quite a few balloons to children passing my office on their way to the library or their preschool class. It was fun to watch them select their favourite colours. Some of them even waded in to the far corner to get just the right balloon. Still, there were tons of balloons left. I am sure there were more than 50 balloons in there. I guess 50 wasn't enough to actually fill up my office, so the balloon blowers kept going. Probably more like 100 balloons. It made a mess of balloon carcasses!

question: when you hear pop pop pop, does it sound like the end of a birthday to you?

mompoet - completely, happily, well-birthdayed

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