Saturday, December 10, 2011

easthill ladies shopping day on commercial drive

Kirsi, Karen, Cathy, Doris and I headed out Friday morning for a day of lunching, shopping and laughing on Commercial Drive. It was partly to toast my 50th, and partly just for fun.
 We waited for the bus together. It was a beautiful morning!
First stop: Lunch at Havana Restaurant. We sat out on the patio under a heater. It was warm enough even for some of us to take our coats off. We think this is a unique Vancouver experience for mid-December.
 What a great place to relax!
 We got a big pitcher of mojitos to go with our lunch.
 We let the waitress order our tapas. We enjoyed yam fries, calamari, meatballs, short ribs, prawns and chips with guacamole and fresh salsa. We even ordered a second plate of calamari it was so good!
 We gobbled it up in no time!
 We visited a bunch of great stores. Everyone bought gifts for family and friends, and we each bought something for ourselves too! Here's my haul. I was glad to find a vendor selling the Hope In the Shadows calendar.

 What better stocking stuffer for a 16 year old nephew than an inflatable beard? The cousins all joke on their birthdays that they have grown a birthday beard. Simon is the remaining one of the 5 cousins in on the joke to be waiting to actually be able to grow one. I think he will look like his Dad when he tries it on.
 I was happy to find Carl Jung finger puppets! We call this pose, "Two Jung for beer."
 With the day coming to an end, we stopped at Fet's restaurant for some Russel's Pale Ale. Karen got (and shared) this yummy warm apple crumble dessert. Mmmmm
Good bye Commercial Drive. See you again soon!

question: what's fun near your home?

mompoet - the luckiest, the happiest, and still two Jung for beer

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