Monday, September 05, 2011


There is a lot to do and see in New York, but the top of Fiona's and my list is Broadway shows. Fiona is the expert who has guided me to see a lot of wonderful productions. Our dream coming to New York this time was to see The Book of Mormon. Never mind that it is sold out for months to come, we wanted to see it. They have a lottery for 22 discount tickets at each performance, so we showed up and put our names in and did not get drawn. But we also lined up 3 hours before showtime in the standing room queue. Two hours before the show they sold a couple of dozen standing room tickets, and we got 2. They are very inexpensive ($27 each).

We went away until showtime. Fiona shopped at Colony, the best place for sheet music and books. I found a place to sit, knowing I wouldn't be sitting for the next two hours, and called home to say, "Hey, I'm going to Book of Mormon. Pinch me."

We went into the theatre just a few minutes before curtain and were instructed to wait in the lobby or at the side until 2 or 3 minutes to curtain. I went to the bar and brought a double sippy cup of white wine. At Broadway shows you can take candy and drinks into the theatre. The drinks are in sippy cups. I saw a man pay $27 for scotch on the rocks in a sippy cup. Just before curtain time, we took our standing room positions along a railing behind the back row of the orchestra seats. I dropped my purse at my feet and clutched my sippy cup, ready to enjoy the show.

I knew the songs already, having listened to them on a download that Fiona got a few weeks ago. The show was awesome. It's totally vulgar and irreverent, and also smart with beautiful music and great performances, and a tender heart. It was a surreal thrill seeing the show on our first night in the city. It was amazing.

After the show, Fiona left with her friend who also got standing room, to meet her roommate who was at another show. I grabbed the train back to my hotel. What a night! What a show!

Later in the week we saw Follies, starring Bernadette Peters. I saw a local production last fall with my mom in Vancouver. The Broadway version was thrilling. I love, love, love Stephen Sondheim. Bernadette Peters was splendid, as were all the others in the cast. Astonishing music and a show so smart and tender and real. After the show, Fiona and her friends waited at the stage door where they met Bernadette Peters. Amazing.

I am so lucky to have the opportunity to see these performances. A lot of people don't ever see one show on Broadway, and I've seen more than half a dozen. One day, I hope I'll be coming to see our daughter on the stage. One day, I know I will.

question: have you ever stood up for a show?

mompoet - standing up with my sippy cup

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