Saturday, September 17, 2011

the flowers I never got

Friday afternoon, I'm finishing lunch at the pub in Sechelt with my friends. We're here for our annual women's weekend. My cell phone rings, and I see the number on the display is my office in Burnaby. I answer, and a voice says, "Does your husband know where you are?"

I figure out it's my co-worker Diane. She explains that I have just received a huge, HUGE, bouquet of flowers. Didn't my husband know I was not at the office? Did I want them to phone him to pick them up and take them home? Hmmmm, my husband does give me flowers, but usually in person, and he knows I'm not at work today. I ask Diane if she will read the card. It sounds like there is a small crowd near the phone, all curious about the flowers.

"They are really nice," Diane said, "birds of paradise even. This has to be an expensive bouquet." Then she tells me that the flowers are from my sister. The card says, "Happy birthday Sis, love Debbie." I start to laugh hysterically. I have a sister, but her name is not Debbie, and it's not my birthday.

"Did you check the address?" I ask.


It turns out the flowers are for someone with my first name and a last name similar, but not the same. It's a name I'm frequently called by accident, but it's not my last name. The address and postal code are correct. The phone number is for the library next door, and the office title is for another city department - not the rec centre where I work.

Diane asks me if I want her to take a photograph before they send the flowers away. YES PLEASE!

Diane emails the picture to me, with a note saying that someone from the real flower recipient's office is coming over to pick them up.

question: can a gift be just as much fun, even if it's for someone else?

mompoet - even better, I think!

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