Friday, May 27, 2011

stretch birthday

Last night, at long last, we celebrated Alex's 21st birthday together as a family. Alex turned 21 on May 6, and chose that night to go with friends to see Thor at the new AVX theatre in the cinema complex where he works. That same night, Fiona baked him a delicious chocolate cake and we sang happy birthday to him when he came home after the movie.

We then began searching for a night on which we, along with Grandma and Grandpa and cousin Maia could all sit down together for supper in Alex's honour. It was not easy to find a date, but we finally came up with May 26, almost 3 weeks later. Before that date, Alex's work, Fiona's lessons, Andy's work, my meetings and work and other complications and distractions prevailed. After setting and confirming the date with everyone involved, I promptly forgot!

So on May 25, Fiona asked me, "What are we doing for Alex's family supper tomorrow?" Yikes! I also forgot that I had made a commitment weeks earlier to cover the late shift at work that night. I wouldn't be finished until 8pm. Also, on the weekend, my Dad cracked a rib, and was still in significant pain and probably not fit to go out for the evening with us. I apologized to Alex and we tentatively rescheduled to a week later on June 2 (still not quite a month after his birthday). Alex and Fiona made plans to see a movie together in the evening. I apologized. Alex was very gracious.

Thursday arrived, and as the day progressed, my Dad discovered he was feeling better and I found out I could get off work at 7 instead of 8. I phoned and texted everyone in the family and confirmed that dinner was back on. We strategized rides to the restaurant. I phoned in a reservation. At 7:15 I picked up a cake a Dairy Queen (also known as "baking in my car"). At 7:20 we picked up Mom, Dad and Maia. Just after 7:30 we were seated at Capitol Hill Szechuan, and actually celebrating Alex's birthday.

Supper was great. Cake was yummy. Alex is 21 + 3 weeks. Life is good.


question: did you ever have trouble finding time?

mompoet - Happy Family Birthday Alex

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