Wednesday, April 27, 2011

walking around vancouver

Do you ever discover a theme in your days that you had not planned? This weekend it was "Walking in Vancouver" for me.

Friday I enjoyed a couple of shows at the Vancouver International Poetry Festival. I saw the Haiku Death Match and the Sirens reading. Both were splendid. I was so happy to see my Poetry House friends, having been away from the organization for a year. They have put together a wonderful festival. I'm so proud of them! Attending the festival meant that I got to walk around East Vancouver's Commercial Drive neighbourhood. I stopped in at Turks Cafe to pick up a tea latte and a big cookie, and I sat on the lawn in front of the WISE hall, in the sunshine, and just enjoyed being there. It's a nice walk from the Commercial Skytrain Station up to the WISE, and it was a beautiful day.

Saturday, Andrew and I dropped Fiona off at work first thing, then drove to Granville Island. We did a bit of market shopping, then walked out the seawall to Kits Beach and back. Everyone and their dogs was running, walking, playing in the park. It was glorious. We saw a couple of sculptures from the Bienalle. (iiiinteresting! One looked like a disembodied stainless steel colon, extended across a big lawn). It was great to get out together and look at the water, the houses, the park, the people, and the big giant stainless steel large intestine.

Sunday I cooked, ate and watched the hockey game. No walking to speak of, although at church I ran with Mary Magdalene to the tomb. That was Sunday's exercise.

On Monday, Fiona practice-drove downtown to her voice lesson at supper time. I co-piloted. I had about an hour and a quarter to do something while she was in the studio. We had already stopped for coffee, and I had accidentally brought a magazine that I already read, so I walked. I went up from Gastown through the West End, along Robson for a bit, back along Davie for a bit, then through Yaletown and back to the studio. It was nice. Even though it was rush hour, it was very quiet. I think a lot of people had the day off work.

That was my weekend of walking in Vancouver. Nice, huh?

question: what was your theme in recent days?

mompoet - walk, walk, walk

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