Wednesday, April 27, 2011

voting again and again

Vote early! Vote often! I know that's a joke, but it could be true for us these days. I have voted in the Port Moody Firehall borrowing referendum, the BC NDP Leadership election and in the advance poll for the federal election. The firehall and federal voting took place at Kyle Centre, as indicated in the photos. Leadership vote was online.

In the fall, we will have a civic election. There's even the possibility of a surprise provincial election, but less so, now that our new Premier has called a by-election in the riding where she hopes to secure a seat. Still, you never know.

Alex and I have continued our volunteer commitment to our candidate and MP, Fin Donnelly, in the federal election. Voting Day is Monday, May 2. (hint hint - VOTE!) For the first time in a lot of elections, I won't be volunteering all day long because I can't get away from the office. Never mind, I'll jump in at 4:30 wherever they need me. Counting the vote is the most exciting part, anyway.

question: are you voting early? often?

mompoet - on the voter's list, and making the most of each opportunity

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Carol said...

I voted Mompoet!
My Daughter was a poll clerk. I am so glad to see that you are still blogging! If you are ever in Cowtown performing I hope that you will post it and let me know! I would love to come and hear.