Thursday, October 14, 2010

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For the past 10 years I have been a contributor to Shoreline Writers' Society's annual chapbook. Our 11th book with be out this December. I hope to contribute an essay about food.

I have also been working on a chapbook of my own, entitled Swirl. It should be ready some time in November, maybe as a birthday present for me to give to my friends.

On October 24, I will be feature poet at Poetic Justice at Renaissance Books Store in New Westminster. It's 4-6pm. I'm planning to recite a couple of slam poems, and some of the quieter kind too. Unfortunately, Swirl and the Shoreline chappy (what we call it before it's named) won't be ready for this day.

On October 31 there's the Open Mic of th' Living Dead Celebrities at Thundering Word. I will be sure to be there. Just have to work up some way for dead Emily Dickinson to break out of her shell. Last year I was Lorenz Hart, and people didn't really get it, but that's okay, I think maybe that's just the way it was for Lorenz Hart.

I have also been dead Marcel Marceau. That went over very well. Poets have this love-hate thing about mimes.

I hope you'll come to Poetic Justice. There's an open mic. I'll be there this Sunday (the 17th) to check it out, being a new series and venue.

question: what's creative where you are?

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