Thursday, October 28, 2010

hairy scary yummy lunch

The theme for this month's staff potluck was "hairy, scary, tasty finger foods." Here are some of the hairy scary offerings.

  • scary cheesy chili dip with black tortilla chips
  • horrifying hot chicken wings
  • squirmy wormy noodle salad
  • bloody barbeque pork buns
  • chilling cheese and fig platter with bread sticks (aka fingers)
  • creepy pumpkin cheesecake squares with spider web glaze
  • putrid pea soup
  • witch's fingers and bloody eyeball cupcakes
  • (not pictured) baby bat pasta salad and pumpkin muffins with scorpion poop
It was delicious and terrifying!

question: what food scares you?

mompoet - BOOO! (mmm)

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