Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a walk in the woods

Kirsi and I met after work yesterday, and walked up the northeast slope of Burnaby Mountain. There's a trail that runs from Garrow Street in the Glenayre neighbourhood, all the way to the top of the hill. It's wide and well-maintained, also well-used. We saw lots of people walking and on bikes along the way. It's also steep and steeper. The steeper part is called Cardiac Hill. It's about as steep as you want to go without climbing stairs. Kirsi and I applied the low-gear, small-step psyche to this portion of the walk, and made it to the top, talking all the way (which is a good indication that we weren't gasping for air at any time).

The trail cuts along the cliffs at the back of the mountain, and it's heavily treed on both sides, so there aren't spectacular views. It is beautiful though, and nice to have such a green place so close to our homes. We came out near some of the Univer-City homes, and followed the ring road around to the bus stops near the west end of campus, then cut back on a trail that gave us a less steep descent than we would have found on Cardiac. I specifically did not want to go sliding down the hill on my bum!

An hour later, we were back in Glenayre. A woman just heading up the trail told us that a bear had just ambled past her, onto the street below. We were glad we did not meet the bear on the trail.

Kirsi says this is a good walk, even in the rain, because of the shelter given by the trees. On a sunny summer day it was cool and fresh, all the way up.

Now I am picturing a mini sea to sky walk, starting on the Trans Canada Trail below the Barnet Highway, where it follows the shoreline. From there, I could take the Westhill Trail straight up to College Park, from there, a stroll past Westhill Park to Garrow, then up again to the top of the hill. I think it would make a nice 2 hour loop from our house down to the water, up the mountain and home again.

question: does anyone want to join me?

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Pearl said...

that sounds like a lovely walk, bear or no bear.