Tuesday, July 06, 2010


The weather has been dull this summer so far where I live. Lots of grey days and some rain. Instead of shorts and t-shirts, we are wearing jeans and hoodies, and bringing our umbrellas just in case. Despite it all our first-time-ever garden is growing just fine.

Andy built a 6x6 raised bed in the sunniest corner of our back yard. Our friend Allan, who is a landscaper, and builds similar beds for his clients, helped with the construction, and advised Andy what kind of soil to buy. Together, Andy and I chose plants that we thought would do well, and that would provide food that we like. We planted some small plants from the nursery, and some seeds.

Now we have kale, chard, chives, mint, rhubarb and cilantro that can be eaten (and are being eaten). We also have plants busy making zucchini, beans, peas, peppers, broccoli and tomatoes. It looks like the sun is finally going to shine on us, which should give a boost to these latter veggies and fruits, tomatoes being a fruit.

Our biggest worry is the slugs. In the damp, cool weather they are thriving. I pick them off the plants when I find them, and throw them into the grass. We have also set up a couple of beer traps - cups of beer set into the soil. These attract the slugs, then they drown in the beer. Now I have just heard that eggshells are a good deterrent. This morning, I ventured out at 6am to cut some kale, chives and cilantro. Then I cooked these up with eggs and feta cheese, and served them with a tortilla and salsa (yum!) The eggshells will go back out to the garden to start my slug no-go zone.

It feels good to go pick ingredients from the back yard and put them directly into food for my family. We know these are free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. They are fresher than fresh, and include varieties that aren't found at the grocery. This is good!

question: what does your garden grow?

mompoet - looking forward to making my own salsa when those tomatoes are ready

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