Sunday, August 02, 2009

which hat do you like best?

Please help me decide which of these hats look best on me.

The white hat we'll call "Traveller Hat" because it is modeled on a Tilley Hat, but it is not a Tilley. This hat is loaned to me by my friend Cathy.

The khaki hat we'll call "Hardware Hat" because I bought it at a hardware store.

Please leave me a comment, telling which hat you like best on me, and why. If you want to learn more about why I am so concerned about hats, just read my previous post.

question: which hat do you like best?

mompoet - just wondering


mompoet's dad said...

The Home hardware hat looks better, but is its coverage (to the sides) adequate? A hat that doesn't do its job isn't worth wearing. The fake Tilley hat appears to have better coverage, but I think it's uglier.

mompoet's dad, who wore an ugly yellow nylon hat from MEC while ascending Windy Joe under a relentless sun yesterday in Manning Park

mompoet said...

Thanks Dad. The hardware hat keeps the sun out of my eyes and off of my ears. My neck is not shaded but I am good with sunscreen for that. I am glad you think it is less uglier than the fake Tilley. I think both are less ugly than the yellow nylon hat (which, no doubt would fit me because you are my big-headed father). Congratulations on the serious hike. I bet it was beautiful. Did you lunch at the summit?

Fiona said...

Mom + Mexico + Large, large head = SOMBRERO. You could even bring it home and wear it at block parties.

Pearl said...

s it the time of year for any church bazaars? it's sort of tight notice to have one crocheted and starched for for mexico, wouldn't you need sun protection for your noz? maybe the tilly take-off until you happen upon the perfect huge sombrero? maybe with feminine little pom-poms? i