Sunday, December 21, 2008

1000 piece puzzle

snug to the hillside lies
a lawn that does not see sun for 4 weeks
even on the brightest days
frost grows thick on the grass
a prehistoric forest of miniature proportion
criss-crossed by boot paths
lines of intention
lines of desire

down the street there's
the big drug mart
with 11 different choices of toblerone bars
from 12.4 grams minis
to a 4.5 kilogram mega (for display only)
some are on special
one is free
with the purchase of 2
terry's chocolate oranges
would it be christmas without them?

when it reaches minus 4 outside
trinity church opens its doors
welcoming the overflow of lost souls
to stay the night
enjoy a warm meal - no prayers attached
there are shoes and hats and gloves
dry socks
scarves knitted by the ladies fellowship
breakfast and a warm good-bye at 7
a long, cold day ahead

the longest night is electric with celebration
stretched with the tension of intention
pondering questions as old
as stories can remember

in the morning the church rings
with glad songs
the 4th candle of advent is lit
people are alive everywhere
desiring nothing but love
waiting to feel the sun

question: do you feel the sun?

mompoet - all wrapped up in advent and solstice and many questions about the world

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