Tuesday, November 29, 2011

my splendid 50th birthday (so far)

I decided to take the lead on my birthday at work, because I love birthdays so much, and I love my work friends who do so much for me every day. A couple of weeks ago I sent out an email that said, come to my "warm fuzzy birthday" at 8am on November 29 in the conference room. I'll bring muffins and coffee. Instead of a present, please bring a pair of socks for the homeless shelter.

I showed up at my office at about 7:45 with a couple of boxes of coffee from Starbucks and some yummy food. When I opened my office door, look what I found!

My office had been balloon bombed overnight. This was actually the second surprise. My friends brought me a cake the day before my birthday and surprised me with it. I guess they thought they'd get me back for planning my own birthday! Along with a yummy cake and a great card, they gave me two journals: The Happiness Project 5 year 1 sentence a day journal (cool!) and a larger book called "My dysfunctions" in which I am prompted to write: Why I am dysfunctional today. There are inspiring quotes by neurotic and odd celebrities, and a place at the bottom to check off what will make it better, with icons for smoking, booze, pills or intravenous drugs. Hmmmm. Well, I know my workmates feel comfortable telling me what they really feel!

So back to this morning. I waded through the balloons to drop my coat and purse, then I set up food and drinks for my friends.

I made 4 kinds of muffins, and will, I promise, post the recipes here soon. Soon people began to arrive. I had asked them to dress in something warm and fuzzy, and most did. They also brought socks, as well as some mugs and towels.

I was wearing my housecoat and slippers, but I had to keep taking off the housecoat because I am 50 years old and I am having hot flashes - GOOD TIMES!

Then my friend Belinda gave me a big wrapped up gift box "from all of us at work." I opened it up and guess what?

It had about 80 pairs of socks inside! I am going to count to be sure, but I think I have more than 100 pairs of socks to give to the shelter. If you look back up at the friend pictures you'll see that Robin gave me 2 dozen long-stemmed socks, wrapped like a bouquet.

So I decided to work in my office with all of the balloons. I went back in and found that there were 50 pencils, all different kinds and colours, each with a poetry quote attached.

They were on the floor, on my desk, on my chair, in my boots, everywhere! I recognize the handwriting - thank you dear friends Louise and Robin! I will enjoy reading the quotes and writing with every one of the pencils, perhaps in my dysfunction journal? Certainly in my happiness journal.

Then the ladies of the Garden Club came into my office and sang happy birthday and gave me a card and this beautiful bouquet that they made.

Oh my gosh, I have never felt so much love and fun in such a short time at work. What a wonderful morning. It was so good, I took the afternoon off.

question: did the people you know ever double-triple-quadruple what you hoped for?

mompoet - grateful for the people at the place I call "work"

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