Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Originals Cafe

My friend Cathy suggested we go to Originals Cafe at Clark and Elgin in Port Moody, for a belated birthday celebration. We had read a good review of Originals here and also here, and we were curious to find out about this new family-owned business, walking distance from our homes.

It was lovely and delicious! Owners Esteban and Flor are gracious and welcoming. I have returned a half dozen times since that visit with Cathy. I have brought all of the members of my family for lunches and suppers, and I've dropped in for a latte to go on my way to Rocky Point Park.

I have some more photos, but I'm having trouble publishing them to my blog. Please be satisfied for now with this delicious tortilla soup!

question: what's good in your back yard?

mompoet - loving my back yard.

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