Monday, April 30, 2012

some good shows last week

The Vancouver International Poetry Festival took place last week. I got out to see the Van Slam Finals on Monday night and the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam Championship on Saturday. Both shows were excellent. Vancouver now has a team to send to championships in the US and Canada, and Canada now has an Indie Champion. Updates and information can be found on the Vancouver Poetry House website.

Alex went with me to the Canadian Championship on Saturday night. It was his first time attending a slam poetry event. He loved it! He heckled and cheered and craned to see the scores for every poem. It was great to be there with him. When Vancouver poet RC Weslowski won the championship, Alex jumped out of his seat, shouting with happiness. Well, the whole audience did. It was a great night, and a well-deserved win.

All week long, Andy has been volunteering at Lindbjerg Academy's senior students' year end production of Hairspray. He helped set up the theatre, and has been running the follow spotlight for performances. I attended the show on Sunday afternoon. It was very good. It's funny, when Fiona was a Lindbjerg student, I went to every show to see her perform. Then she became a teacher, and I went to the shows to see her students perform. This time, I watched the performance and tracked the spotlight. I was interested to see Andy's work! (He did a great job.)

Next weekend, I'll go with my parents to see God of Carnage at the Vancouver Playhouse. It will be the final performance of the final season of the Playhouse Theatre Company, which has now closed. It will be a sad day. I am looking forward to the play, which will be memorable for me as the last one.

question: have you seen any good shows lately?

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