Sunday, February 13, 2011

no place like home

I slept in this morning, for the first time since returning to work after Christmas break. It's lovely to have a quiet-ish weekend at home after a lot of busy days and weekends. I consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to go on trips and attend events and have exciting fun times with friends and family, but I do love home.

Right now, home is pretty messy, but very sweet. I was home most of the day Saturday, but instead of cleaning and organizing, I read the Saturday paper and watched an episode of Glee on shaw on demand and hung out with Andy while the kids were at work. In the evening I went to my friend Vic's parents' place for Vic's birthday supper, then on to my parents place to see my sister, who is in town for the weekend. I ate only a bit of the big Italian supper that Vic's mom cooked, so I was happy to join my own family at Cap Hill Szechuan for our usual big noisy yummy family supper.

Last Sunday I woke up in New York. This Sunday it was Port Moody. I can't wait to go back to New York when I get the chance, but I love Port Moody the best. I guess that's one of the nicest things about going away - you appreciate your own home even more when you return.

Today I made a yummy breakfast for the family, then I lounged while Fiona and her friend baked cookies and cupcakes for a fundraiser at school. I cooked lunch for Alex before he left for his afternoon shift at work, and bought opera tickets online for my Mom and me (the simulcast Met performance at the cineplex). Andy and I discussed plans for our upcoming vacation. Sunday after next, I will wake up in Miami Beach. I did spend some time Saturday getting our itinerary typed out, our cruise ship pre-registration done online, and travel papers organized into a binder (a lifesaver when you make your travel arrangements a la carte).

Now it's three in the afternoon, and I think I might do a bit of tidying. This cozy nest is even more lovely with clean bathrooms and and a freshly-swept kitchen floor. I have plans for a coconut chicken recipe from Canadian Living magazine for supper, and Fiona made a blueberry cake for us for dessert.

Life is sweet, and suitably slowed down for an in-between weekend. I am happy. My heart beats slowly. All is well.

question: what do you do when you decelerate?

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